The Big Blue Bin is Local. The Big Blue Bin is Better.

Find a Bin: (800) 992-2060
Host a Bin: (206) 691-2588

Host The Big Blue Bin™ at your business, and you'll support children and adults with disabilities who live and work near you and also provide a welcome service to people looking to clean their closets and boost their karma.  All at no cost to you!  Contact us or call (206) 691-2588 to learn more!

Don't Believe Every Bin You See

Lost of donation bins around town are in it for the money: they're owned by for-profit businesses, so they sell what you donate to make money for private companies.  Here's how to spot the difference.



All donations to The Big Blue Bin benefit Northwest Center, a reputable and registered 501(c)(3) non-profit established in 1965.  When you donate to The Big Blue Bin, you may claim a tax deduction.


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